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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Job description

Dynamic Gaming Solutions, LLC is growing, and we need a leader who can help guide the
financial systems that empower us. We’re searching for an experienced certified public
accountant to join our team of high-performing professionals and keep our finances positioned
for continued success. The CPA will have a day-to-day, ongoing impact on company operations,
helping us to analyze, strategize, and grow our financial position. This seasoned strategist not
only will understand current accounting practices and trends, but also will have experience
adapting to change, whether it’s through growth or downsizing. A background in taxes and
auditing, as well as strong capabilities communicating with different government or regulatory
agencies is a must. Ability to handle multi-state payroll is important. The CPA will be
comfortable in a leadership role that requires clear and effective communication skills.

Objectives of this role

● Take responsibility (either directly or via staff) for all cash management, investments,
insurance, payroll, budgeting, and financial reporting, and help drive the company’s
financial strategy and hiring needs
● Coordinate development of annual operating, capital, and program budgets, as well as
reporting for the same
● Ensure cash flow is compatible with operations by overseeing day-to-day accounting,
recording, reporting, and internal-control activities of the organization
● Develop and implement best practices and tools to ensure a well-controlled yet flexible
organization that has strong fiscal management, project coordination, cross-team
communications, and workflows
● Comply with federal, state, local, and tribal licensing financial requirements by studying
existing and new legislation and taking appropriate action


● Work with senior managers to efficiently develop budget proposals, provide access to
project finance information, and ensure contract/grant compliance and reporting
● Research revenue opportunities and economic trends, analyze internal operations, and
identify areas for cost reduction and process enhancement
● Perform risk management through analysis of company liabilities and investments, and
evaluate and manage capital structure and fundraising initiatives
● Monitor business performance with tracking tools, establish corrective measures as
needed, and prepare detailed reports for earnings calls, management team, and rest of
● Manage finance personnel, payroll, and oversee financial IT systems, ensuring
compliance with relevant regulatory entities (ex: Financial Accounting Standards Board,
Internal Revenue Service, state attorneys general)

Required skills and qualifications

● Five or more years of experience in CPA leadership roles
● Professional Certification ( ex: Certified Public Accountant)
● Advanced business degree
● Excellent leadership skills, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity
● Exceptional verbal, written, and visual communication skills
● Understanding of advanced accounting, regulatory issues, tax planning and preparation,
expense control, projections and forecasting.
● Experience in multi-state payroll administration
● Working knowledge of how to raise capital outside traditional lines of credit
● Experience in forensic accounting

Preferred skills and qualifications

● International finance experience
● Experience in casinos and gaming
● Experience in mergers and acquisitions and investor relations
● Executive experience with SaaS business models and their associated revenue

Supervisory Responsibilities

● Supervise AP/AR, or other accounting support positions

Physical Demands

● Required to walk, sit, and stand for periods of time
● Ability to lift, and carry up to 50 lbs.
● Ability to bend, stoop, kneel, and move intermittently throughout the day

Work Environment

● Indoor office setting
● Exposure to external environmental conditions possible
● Noise level can be minimal to intense

Job Details
● Full-Time
● Salary
● Exempt
● In-person / in-office

● 401(k)
● 401(k) matching up to 4%
● Dental Insurance
● Health Insurance
● Vision Insurance
● Paid Time Off
● Paid Holidays
● Employee Assistance Program

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